A subcontractor and general contractor were cited for safety violations by OSHA after a worker plunged to his death from a four floor apartment complex in in New Braunfels, Texas.

Jose Miguel Charles and Blazer Building Inc. were cited for failing to provide adequate fall protection for a worker who fell 36 feet to his death. Jose Miguel Charles was cited for one willful violation for failing to properly secure scaffolding, five serious violations for failing to train workers on scaffolding and forklifts; develop a hazard communication program; ensure the scaffold was designed by a qualified person and ensure forklift modifications were safe. One other violation was cited for failing to develop a respiratory program.

Blazer Building Inc. was cited for four serious violations for failing to conduct frequent and regular inspections of the job site, ensure hand wash facilities were provided, ensure operators were trained on forklifts and ensure forklift modifications were safe.

Jose Miguel Charles was fined $38,800 and Blazer Building Inc. was fined $8,400. Both are headquartered in Houston.

"This man's death was heartbreaking and totally avoidable,” said Casey Perkins, OSHA's area director in Austin.

Falls continue to be the leading killer of workers at construction sites.