Mil-RamMil-Ram Technology’s Next Generation smartergas detector with Large Graphics Display-TA-2100 - provides user-friendly data, bar graph, instructions, advanced diagnostics-continuous on-board systems monitoring, and eliminates short-hand, coded messages. Programmable Calibration Reminder. Toxic, LEL, Oxygen, hydrocarbons, VOC: hundreds of different gases and vapors utilizing several sensor technologies: electrochemical, catalytic LEL, infrared, photoionization (PID), solid-state and more. Continuous advanced diagnostics to meet SIL 2compliance. For use in many industrial applications such as Oil/Gas Exploration/Refining; Chemicals/Plastics; Water/Wastewater Treatment; Food Processing/Refrigeration; Mud Logging Drilling/Exploration; Pulp/Paper Mills; Steel Mills, and many more.

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