MSA introduces the new ANSI Z359.14-certified Workman Rescuer Self-Retracting Device with Synthetic Rope. Workman Rescuer is a key component of the Workman Confined Space Entry Kit and protects workers within tight spaces. MSA's complete Workman Confined Space Entry Kit contains:

  • Workman Tripod for stable base support.
  • Workman Winch to lower, lift and position personnel and materials.
  • Workman Rescuer for fall arrest protection to the entrant; enables top-side attendant to safely and quickly retract a stricken worker without entering the confined space:

P/N 10159755 -- NEW synthetic rope, 50 ft. ANSI
P/N 10158178 -- Stainless steel cable, 50 ft. ANSI
For more information, please visit Also see Workman Rescuer Bulletin #2300-161-MC at