KEENThroughout the month of October, workers nationwide have the chance to try on and win a pair of innovative KEEN Utility Tacoma boots and even drive off in a new Toyota Tacoma Truck.

To support the launch of the highly-anticipated Tacoma series, KEEN Utility will launch the Rugged Ride Sweepstakes, rolling into participating retail locations nationwide on October 1st. From the 1st to the 31st, customers are invited to stop into a KEEN Utility retail location to try on one of the Tacoma Series styles to be entered in the sweepstakes. Prizes will include free pairs of Tacoma boots and the ultimate Tacoma giveaway- a new Toyota Tacoma truck. Winners will be announced November 15th.

KEEN Utility’s Tacoma Series features the Tacoma XT CSA, a heavy-duty, non-metallic safety boot featuring asymmetrical composite toes, metal-free eyelets and an undetectable and lightweight puncture-resistant midsole plate. Ready for the messiest or most caustic of environments, the Tacoma XT is crafted from barnyard-proof leather that resists the damaging effects of oleic acid, urea, sodium chloride and ammonium hydroxide, extending the life of the boot and boosting performance.

The KEEN Utility Tacoma Series and the Rugged Ride Sweepstakes can be found at select retailers nationwide. There is no purchase necessary to enter the Rugged Ride Sweepstakes. Visit to find a retailer near you, for contest rules and to enter.