Tell us a little about the history of your company.

Founded in 1973, Workrite Uniform Company began as an early pioneer of flame-resistant (FR) clothing and has since grown to become a worldwide leader in safety apparel. As an affiliate of Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company, Workrite Uniform has the backing, resources and stability of the largest global workwear brand. Workrite Uniform’s unparalleled expertise, steadfast commitment to quality and reliable, market-leading products have made the company an industry resource for FR protection for more than 40 years.


What has been your company’s business strategy to gain market share?

Workrite Uniform’s business strategies are driven by its five strengths: (1) the quality of its wide selection of garments; (2) a multi-brand approach; (3) strong FR expertise supported by 42 years of industry experience and investing in a dedicated sales force; (4) financial stability through its affiliation with Williamson-Dickie; and (5) dedicated and committed employees that embody strong company values. Leveraging these strategies enables Workrite Uniform to attract strong partners in innovation and continually advance its market share.

Additionally, Workrite Uniform not only meets OSHA’s standards by providing the safety that workers deserve, but also works hard to be a trusted resource to the industry on all FR clothing information. Through a dedicated and educated sales force, videos, whitepapers, catalogs, and a new, industry-leading mobile app, Workrite Uniform has put a stake in the ground as the foremost educator on all things FR. With this cultivated knowledge, Workrite Uniform helps the industry understand the performance characteristics of its offerings, the standards its FR workwear meets and the applications for which they’re best suited.


Describe the core branded products of your company.

With a mission to protect today’s workers by delivering trusted, innovative and market-leading flame-resistant branded apparel solutions, Workrite Uniform offers four top-notch brands to meet the diverse needs of the numerous industries and work environments the company serves.

Workrite FR is Workrite Uniform’s leading line of FR clothing, backed by the company’s renowned expertise, and built using quality branded fabrics and precise manufacturing techniques to ensure every garment holds up to the highest standards. Long lasting, durable and comfortable, Workrite FR provides exceptional protection and long-term value. The Workrite FR brand includes Workrite FR/CP — Workrite Uniform’s line of lab coats designed to offer FR properties along with chemical-splash protection (CP).

Workrite Uniform’s Dickies FR line is inspired by the decades-long heritage of the Dickies workwear brand. The line includes a variety of popular styles, offering the famous Dickies fit and functionality without sacrificing safety.

A staple for the industrial worker, Workrite Uniform’s Walls FR brand delivers cost-effective, practical FR protection. Available in a variety of classic workwear styles, Walls FR clothing is built with functionality, safety and value in mind.

Lastly, Workrite FR Fire Service is Workrite Uniform’s industry-leading line of station wear. Built using DuPont™ Nomex® IIIA fabric, Workrite Uniform’s propriety PerfectPress® permanent press process and specialized construction techniques for long-lasting durability, Workrite FR Fire Service apparel is designed to offer a crisp and professional look, easy care and an added layer of FR protection.


How do distributors contribute to your success in the marketplace?

Our relationships with key partners are critical to Workrite Uniform’s success. We have a diverse product mix that meets various industry requirements and offers a wide selection of styles and colors, providing distributors with a broad choice of garment options. When our distributor partners choose Workrite Uniform, they are also committing to safety and to offering the highest-quality FR workwear on the market. This shared dedication helps to expand our reach and success in the marketplace.


Do you offer training? What other value-added services?

Workrite Uniform provides training on topics related to FR clothing and actively participates in end-user research with distributors to further our industry insight. We also offer point of sale (POS) solutions, marketing collateral, sales strategy, regional account executives, national coverage and outstanding customer service.


What business characteristics do you look for when selecting a distributor?

In order to be the FR expert, we have to align ourselves with other industry experts. We look for reputable distributors that match Workrite Uniform’s level of dedication to learning, understanding and providing information for the industries we serve.


Do you have any recent news about new facilities or new personnel to report?

Workrite Uniform continues to grow its business in North America, developing innovative new lines and product offerings and expanding into previously untapped markets.


Describe your current financial picture.

Our current financial picture is one of sustainable growth, gaining market share while consistently developing our infrastructure.


What should distributors know about your company’s future, in terms of short- and long-range plans?

Workrite Uniform’s vision is to be, and to be recognized as, the premier flame-resistant apparel provider in the global marketplace. The company’s expert staff, dedicated partners and quality workwear options are helping to make that vision a reality.

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