The majority of occupational safety and health professionals who responded to a survey in last week’s enewsletter about President Trump’s regulatory freeze were in favor of having the newly-issued beryllium standard in effect. Opinions differed on other regulatory issues. When asked what occupational safety and health hazards, if any, should be covered by new regulations, PEL updates were mentioned most.

Here are the results of the survey:

Q: OSHA’s newly passed beryllium standard is one of the occupational safety and health rules affected by Trump's regulatory freeze. Do you think Trump is on the right path (would you like to see a rollback of OSH rules)?



Q: Would you like to see the beryllium rule in effect?

Yes- 24

No- 7

Q: Would you like to see more OSH rules issued?



Q: Which, if any, existing OSH rules do you think are not needed?

“Can't think of any, at present”

“Keep current regs, but review periodically for efficacy and revisions.”


“none” (2 people responded with this answer)

“written for a different time, maybe update”

Q: What hazards, if any, do you think should be covered by new OSH rules?

"updating PELs" (4 people gave this response)

"Whatever's practical to prevent worker injuries and deaths"

"Silica, Fumed Silica, Acrylic Polymers in air(flammable and harms respiration). Air filtration in affected plants needs to be addressed."



"Ergonomic injury prevention"

"Trump is a hazard"

"ergonomics, nano materials"

"Machine Guards"

"minors agricultural workers"