The Protégé MasterDock II (MD II) is an expandable, smart docking station that is compatible with the complete line of Protégé portable monitors. The device features an intuitive touch screen interface and can accommodate up to six gas bottles simultaneously. Up to 10 of the docking stations can be networked to bump, calibrate or charge 10 identical monitors or any combination of the Protégé family of monitors simultaneously. 

The MD II includes line power or an optional rechargeable battery pack for remote locations. The docking station can be connected to a PC by either USB or Ethernet cable for remote access to data. Data is also easily retrievable from the easy-to-read LCD interface on the docking station.​

​Highly Configurable 

The MasterDock II is highly configurable. Updating and or retrieving information about calibration gas, a monitor or the docking station can be easily accomplished on the touch screen interface.

Language Options

The MasterDock II has many language options that make this product truly universal for use globally.

Bump and Calibration

The MasterDock II is highly configurable and can be programed to perform a bump and calibration at a predetermined time. Simply program gas type, gas concentration, date and time you would like to bump and/or calibrate the monitor and the MD II will do the rest at the predetermined selected date and time.

Data Storage

The MasterDock II can store data in either event mode or continuous mode. Data can be stored on the MD II, retrieved from the docking station via SD or from your computer via USB and or Ethernet connection. If connected via Ethernet the data is accessible globally.

Print Calibration

The MasterDock II can print calibration certificates. Simply attach a printer to the USB miniport and press the print icon in the upper right corner of the screen to generate a calibration certificate.