Economic downturns, ergonomics debate, going paperless, proposal writing, fatigued driving, risk assessment — many of these issues concern safety professionals. Those and others are up for discussion during this year’s roundtables hosted by the ASSE Practice Specialties and Common Interest Groups.

Attendees are encouraged to let your safety knowledge shine during these interactive workshops dealing with key issues. Do you have a lesson learned you want to share? Are you looking to meet others with similar interests? Then this year's Key Issue Roundtable Workshops are not to be missed.

Tuesday’s schedule includes topics such as “Safety Climate & Safety Culture During Economic Downturns,” which asks the following questions: “What happens to safety during an economic downturn? How do you help employees focus on safety when their thoughts may be on job security?” In this session, participants will look at the challenges and try to come up with solutions. Attendees will share their experiences and best practices while coming up with ways to improve the safety climate during economic downturns.

Other discussions include: “The Great Sit/Stand Workstation Debate: Advantages, Disadvantages and Solutions for Implementation,” “Dropped Object Incident Prevention Techniques in the Oil and Gas Industry,” “Going Paperless with Safety,” “Lessons Learned: Tips Related to Proposal Writing, Invoicing and Other Necessary Evils,” “Management of Fatigued Driving,” “Best Practices & Hurdles Implementing EHS-Related ISO Programs.”