Three workers were seriously injured and rescued this June in a construction accident in Astoria, Queens, according to New York City CBS2 TV.

The FDNY said the workers became trapped when the upper portion of a house under construction collapsed at 31-25 28th Rd. in Queens, causing the roof to collapse. Workers became trapped in the basement, according to the FDNY.

FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro told CBS2 that when fire crews arrived, they found one of the workers, a 37-year-old man, had escaped from the debris on his own. He was seriously, but not critically injured, Nigro said.

Crews found a second worker, a 40-year-old man, trapped in the debris. He was rescued quickly and was reported in critical condition.

The third worker, a 28-year-old man, was trapped under a few thousand pounds of construction materials in the basement.

Crews crawled in and administered IV drugs for the injury and pain relief, and kept the worker stable as they dug through the heavy equipment that had left the man trapped.

FDNY Lt. Frederick Ill told CBS2 the third worker was “in from his face all the way down to his ankle, horizontally, by numerous wooden planks.”

The home where the accident happened was undergoing construction. It is reportedly a two-story building that has been permitted to add a third story.

The debris that fell included 1,200-pound laminate beams, bags of cement, concrete blocks, and sand aggregate, among other items, according to Nigro.

Buildings Department Deputy Commissioner of Enforcement Timothy Hogan told CBS2 his department is investigating what happened. He said heavy equipment deliveries are supposed to be sent to the lower level, or else engineers must give proper permission if materials are placed on the roof. It is not clear whether engineers gave that permission at the Astoria building.

Source: CBS2 New York TV