The effects of recurring hand/arm vibration may not be as immediate or visible as a cut or puncture, but just like those hazards, the damage can be both severe and permanent. That’s why Ergodyne has revamped its Anti-Vibration Series, introducing six updated and one new ProFlex® models made with an innovative technology for workers exposed to vibrating tools and equipment, and those who use tools and equipment that produce an impact or shock to the palm.

New and improved ProFlex® models include:

“Hand/arm vibration exposure is frequently a hidden hazard, with effects that accumulate over time with possible severe and permanent results,” said Andy Olson, product director, Ergodyne. “The fight against the effects of this stealthy shaking drove us to create the latest iteration of our ProFlex® Anti-Vibration Series.”

Six of the seven models – excluding the 901 – are made with full-length or segmented AVC (Advanced Vibration Control) technology. This innovative glove palm padding is designed to reduce shock and dampen vibration while still maintaining flexibility to prevent hand fatigue. Select models feature a built-in wrist support with patented Open-Center Stay.

Since different tasks have varying levels of vibration, workers can choose PPE that suits their job. These new ProFlex® options offer three updated full-fingered anti-vibration gloves. Third-party tested to meet both ANSI S2.73-2014 and ISO 10819:2013 Vibration-Reducing standards, these ANSI/ISO certified gloves are available in a base model (9002), with built-in wrist support that also aids in relief from repetitive motion discomfort (9012), or an option that protects from flying objects and debris (9015F(x)). All feature full-length AVC padding inside a gripping palm.

For those who don’t need maximum vibration protection but require palm padding to protect from impact and shock delivered by tools, there are two half-finger gloves (900 + 910) with AVC padding, segmented and placed in strategic locations to reduce palm impacts, and allow for flexibility and maximum dexterity, or a full-finger option in the new 9001. Full features and benefits can be found below or on the anti-vibration gloves product pages.

“We developed some of the world’s first true anti-vibration gloves more than two decades ago,” said Tom Votel, president & CEO, Ergodyne. “This update builds on that heritage with three completely redesigned ANSI/ISO-certified models featuring AVC technology.”

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