Stroud Industrial has custom designed containment or “blast” blankets that are currently in use at steel mills, paper mills, manufacturing plants and testing facilities throughout the country.

This specialized blanket was designed for ballistic containment/machine guarding on hi-capacity milling machines for an aeronautical manufacturer. It is constructed with seamless, aluminized Kevlar and ballistic nylon strapping for maximum protection and ease of installation.

Stroud ballistic containment blankets are custom designed to your specifications, regardless of size, operating environment, or containment requirements. These blankets are available in Kevlar, ballistic nylon, aluminized Kevlar, and fiberglass. Stroud blankets are manufactured without seams. Seams can easily fail in a catastrophic event. Precise attachment points and ease of installation ensures that the product will be properly installed. Independent lab-certified, shot-test results are available for a variety of testing parameters on request.

Please contact us at 800-554-4648 for more information on ballistic containment or questions regarding any Stroud Industrial Safety Solutions products.