Two people are dead at Metro Detroit businesses after a disgruntled former employee went on a rampage yesterday, returning to three companies where he’d worked and shooting at people with an AK-47. The shooter was eventually apprehended by police, but not before carjacking a semi-truck and leading law enforcement officials on a chase.

News sources say the suspect walked into trucking company BSD Linehaul in Taylor, Michigan and fired multiple shots, killing manager Keith Kitchen. The suspect then fled the scene in a semi that he gained control of by threatening the driver with the AK-47. The man was reportedly armed with multiple 30-round magazines.

The second killing occurred an hour later in Pontiac, when the suspect shot his former boss, 58-year-old Eriberto Perez, at Aluminum Blanking Co.

The suspect then went to a third business, Assured Carriers Inc., in Waterford Township, and with his gun in hand, asked for a person who wasn't there. The company immediately went on lockdown and the suspect fled in the semi. While being pursued police, he stopped the truck, got out, shot at the officers, got back in the truck and continued to flee until he crashed the truck into another vehicle, resulting in minor injuries to its two occupants.

The suspect was shot by police in Waterford. He is being treated for injuries at a local hospital.

Taylor Police Chief John Blair told reporters the shooter had had problems at his previous place of employment and “came back for some sort of vengeance.”