The can’t miss safety conference of 2018 today announced a new event: The Leadership Summit. This year, the Leadership Summit will focus on one of today’s most elusive and critical safety issues: serious injuries and fatality (SIF) prevention.

Most recent data show a 7% increase in SIF events, even as overall injury numbers continue to decline.

On March 13, 2018 safety leaders from around the world will join a discussion that will change how organizations approach serious safety events.

“The Leadership Summit offers leaders an exclusive meeting place of peers and ideas. Through discussion, expert analysis, and powerful stories, insight meets experience and understanding inspires action,” commented Don Martin, Senior Vice President, DEKRA Organizational Safety & Reliability.

The Leadership Summit is coming to Orlando, FL on March 14, 2018 as part of the larger Safety in Action conference with over 2,000 executives, safety professionals, facilitators, team members, and union leaders.

Download the Leadership Summit Guide & Agenda including:

  • SIF Prevention Challenge
  • Managing Barriers to Sustainable SIF Prevention
  • Real-world Field Experience Stories

For more information or to register for Safety in Action, please visit

About the Safety in Action™ Conference

The Safety in Action™ Conference is about turning ideas into outcomes. For 30 years, the conference has created networking and learning opportunities among employee teams, supervisors, and managers from across diverse industries and regions. Workshops and sessions are offered across a range of safety-related topics with an emphasis on practical application, employee engagement, and continuous improvement.

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