The first line of defense is yourself. At your workplace, you're careful not to touch, or at least wash your hands every time you touch, one of dirty spots in your workplace. But what about the things you don't have any control of?

Perhaps  a co-worker who doesn't wash his hands after going to the bathroom.

Viruses can spread from a person's hands throughout the office in as little as two hours, say researchers at the University of Arizona.

So the question isn't if you should address him but how, says Richie Frieman, an expert on manners and the author of Reply All ... and Other Ways to Tank Your Career. For a hands-off approach, just ask HR to send out an office memo, or post signs or comics near the urinals and sinks about hand-washing etiquette.

"Comedy downgrades the situation and makes people feel more comfortable talking about it," Frieman says.

But if you have no qualms about asking this guy to clean up his act, be sure to mention it privately so he isn't embarrassed in front of an audience. And spare the guy's feelings by keeping it casual and brief. "You don't want to make the person sound dirty and disgusting ... even if he is," says Frieman.

Source: Men’s Health