Process engineers responsible for breweries, other food/beverage plants and the petrochemical industry will find MSA’s ULTIMA X5000 Gas Monitor’s new XIR PLUS infrared sensor provides reliable detection of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Carbon dioxide is a heavier-than-air gas, with a current TWA of only 5,000 ppm. Current IDLH (Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health) is 40,000 ppm, or 4% by volume. Toxic exposure symptoms are: headache, trouble breathing, increased heart rate and convulsions.

Brewery fermentation, carbonation and bottling processes can create unsafe CO2 levels.  CO2 gas also is used in the production of soft drinks, sparkling wines and frozen foods. In the petrochemical industry, oil recovery and the production of urea and methanol require CO2.

The ULTIMA X5000 Gas Monitor with the XIR PLUS sensor continuously detects CO2 levels and issues alarm commands when the gas is present in toxic quantities.  Two detection ranges for CO2 gas are available: either 2% or 5% by volume. 

Highly stable, the XIR PLUS sensor features repeatability of ±2 percent LEL or volume and drift is <2% of full scale per year.  This responsive sensor’s T90 range is <2 seconds, providing fast warning when toxic CO2 gas is present.  Sensor life is up to 10 years. 

Setting a new industry standard for performance, the ULTIMA X5000 Gas Monitor is the ideal CO2 gas solution.  It features a touch control organic LED (OLED) display, dual sensor inputs and eliminates the need for specialized set-up tools or a separate controller. 

The ULTIMA X5000 can be operated from the two touch buttons on its OLED display or wirelessly via a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet from up to 75 feet (23 meters) away. At a glance, users can see colorful text and icons that show a gas reading gauge, progress bar, operational status, maintenance alerts and alarms. 

While the safety industry standard has always been one sensor per transmitter, the ULTIMA X5000 Gas Monitor doubles the coverage available with the ability to connect two sensor inputs into one transmitter.  This economical dual sensor design dramatically reduces the cost of wiring, conduit and technician installation time to make safety even more affordable.

With MSA’s XCell electrochemical sensors, catalytic bead sensors or point IR sensors, the ULTIMA X5000 Gas Monitor detects any two combinations of combustible gas (0 to 100% LEL), CO2, H2S or CO in multiple ppm ranges, as well as 0-25% O2.

Safer, smarter, easier and more efficient – the ULTIMA X5000 is the gas detector for the 21st century. For more information, contact local MSA channel partners or visit 

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