MSA has completed the sale of its passive and electronic hearing protection business - Sordin AB of Värnamo Sweden - to Wikmanshyttan Safety, also located in Sweden.  Wikmanshyttan Safety is a long term partner to MSA and has supplied hearing protectors to MSA and its distributors for over 14 years.

Together, Wikmanshyttan Safety and Sordin have comprehensive experience and competence on passive and electronic/active hearing protection.  The new company, which will use the brand Sordin AB, is one of the largest companies on the global market focusing on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) over the neck.

Over the near term, MSA will serve Wikmanshyttan Safety/Sordin as a distributor of its hearing protection line, which includes Classic Hearing Protectors (XLS, EXC, HPE), MSA/Sordin line of Left/RIGHT Hearing Protectors (passive and electronic) and Supreme products.

MSA will work with Wikmanshyttan Safety/Sordin to transition business relationships in a manner that does not impact our channel partners' or customers' day to day business or customer experience for these products.  Specifically:

All sales for these products will transition to Wikmanshyttan Safety/Sordin AB only on June 30, 2020. For more information regarding Wikmanshyttan Safety/Sordin, please visit:

Questions should be directed to:

Mackenzie Peters, Global Product Group Manager, MSA
Phone: 724-776-7752

Fredrik Dahlstedt, CEO, Sorbin AB
Mobile: +46 76 149 80 57

Peter Ovrin, Vice President Sales and Marketing. Sorbin AB
Mobile: +46 72 554 83 01