New hi-viz apparel options, slip resistant safety mats and a stabilizer for trailers were among the top occupational safety and health products featured on this week.

Foot protection


The new model UTICA I/75 C/75 SD PR is extremely comfortable with a seamless upper made of TECHSHELL, an innovative, very tough, water repellent and breathable fabric.

It’s hard to hide Tillman’s new line of high-vis safety vests

The John Tillman Co., the brand leader in welding Personal Protective Equipment, announced today the launch of its new line of high visibility safety vests. The Tillman high visibility safety vests offer functional design with features users need to help them be more efficient at the job site.

Ergodyne adds new Class 3 Surveyor Vest to GloWearⓇ Hi-Vis Apparel line

Ergodyne announced today an addition to its already extensive line of GloWearⓇ Hi-Vis Apparel. The new 6-pocket GloWearⓇ 8346Z Two-Tone Hi-Vis Class 3 Surveyor Vest is a budget-friendly hi-vis option with plenty of storage to keep the necessities of the workday at hand.

Pressure-sensitive safety mats help manufacturers realize additional operator protection

Rockford Systems, LLC., a premier provider of machine safeguarding products and services, is helping manufactures build additional machine safeguarding protection into their operations with a complete line of pressure-sensitive safety mats and accessories.

Haws® now offering Stem Shield™ - Your Industrial Valve Safeguard

Haws® is excited to announce the product acquisition of Stem Shield™ - Your Industrial Valve Safeguard. Stem Shield provides ideal protection for stem threads on stem and yoke gate valves. It is a simple and cost-effective safeguard for workers who could come into contact with exposed industrial valve stems, potentially causing injury or infection.

From Rite-Hite:

NEW! TS-5000 trailer stabilizer

Provides extra support for spotted trailers

Loading and unloading on spotted trailers at the loading dock can be dangerous, especially when loads are heavy, uneven, or if the landing gear is faulty. When fork trucks load at the front of trailers, the trailer can become nose heavy and could tip.

Plug-and-play Balluff safety light curtains adds safety with ease

Cost-effective hazardous area safeguarding increases personal protection

A new family of safety light curtains with IO-Link connectivity is now available for increased safety with easy installation. These devices can be easily and inexpensively connected directly to the Balluff Safety Over IO-Link module, allowing integrators to implement a complete safety and automation sensing and network solution.