Haws® is excited to announce the product acquisition of Stem Shield™ - Your Industrial Valve Safeguard. Stem Shield provides ideal protection for stem threads on stem and yoke gate valves. It is a simple and cost-effective safeguard for workers who could come into contact with exposed industrial valve stems, potentially causing injury or infection.

This chemically-resistant, waterproof, soft-cell rubber foam enclosed PVC pipe protects workers from accidentally cutting, gouging, impaling or otherwise injuring themselves due to exposed stems. The lightweight, durable material withstands extreme temperatures and a broad range of elements and is easily detectable with its highly-visible yellow casing. The stainless steel cable to locks the Shield in place without inhibiting operation of valve.

With installation taking under 15 seconds per Shield, Stem Shield is your easiest and most cost-efficient solution to protect stem threading from degradation or damage due to a broad range of elements or incidental contact with machinery or tools. Stem Shield reduces the need for frequent lubrication by 50% and comes in 5 standard size options that fit 95% of all industrial stems along with customization options for length, diameter, color, and logo.

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