Loading and unloading on spotted trailers at the loading dock can be dangerous, especially when loads are heavy, uneven, or if the landing gear is faulty. When fork trucks load at the front of trailers, the trailer can become nose heavy and could tip. Seldom used or rusted landing gear is at risk for collapsing under extreme weight conditions.

Improve Loading Dock Safety

The new TS-5000 Trailer Stabilizer has an extra-wide top plate (66” x 12") and twin vertical supports which act as a second pair of landing gear. These features help to minimize the risk of a spotted trailer from rolling or dropping at the loading dock. An optional communication flag alerts workers and truck drivers when the unit is properly positioned.

Are you supporting spotted trailers at your loading dock? Contact your local Rite-Hite Representative for more information about this new product and other innovative products specifically designed to improve safety at your loading dock.  

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