Every TIG welder knows that hand protection can be a balancing act – the need for finger control and finesse at odds with the need for heat resistance. Black Stallion® solves the problem with the new FlakFinger™ heat-shielding sleeve.

The FlakFinger™ is an adjustable fiberglass sleeve that includes a finger pocket and a leather reinforced “tail”. Slide the FlakFinger™ over a TIG glove, secure the leather strap, and keep your fingers and side of your hand protected during long welding runs.

The versatile design of the FlakFinger™ gives a welder lots of protection options. It can be worn for single-finger or two-finger protection. It can be used on the trigger hand or rod hand (or both). The tail can be positioned over the back of the hand to provide the heat-shielding protection of a back pad.

The FlakFinger’s exclusive leather strap keeps it secured throughout a welding session. Once secured, it simply cannot slip or fall off a glove. And, a welder can easily slide his or her glove off and on without having to remove the FlakFinger™.

While great for TIG welding aluminum, stainless steel, pipe, and more, the FlakFinger™ also fits most MIG and Stick gloves for propping, sliding, and shielding.

The new FlakFinger™ from Black Stallion® is available through independent welding and safety distributors nationwide. Details and information about Black Stallion® products, including the FlakFinger™ can be found at www.blackstallion.com.

About Black Stallion®

To showcase one of the best known glove brands in the welding industry, Revco Industries, Inc., is now known simply as Black Stallion®. Based in Santa Fe Springs, California, Black Stallion® is a leading glove and protective apparel company with over 42 years of service to the welding and industrial sectors. The company designs, develops, and distributes a full range of innovative protective wear nationwide through welding supply distributors, tool and hardware retailers, and equipment rental dealers. More information about Black Stallion® and its products can be found at www.blackstallion.com.