As a solutions supplier, Pilz provides customers with products and services that encompass the entire machine lifecycle. A comprehensive range of trainings in the field of machinery safety and automation and Pilz products, along with expert trainers, allow Pilz to offer the new Modular Training Program.

Designing a customized program

With the Pilz Modular Training Program, Pilz helps customers design a custom course schedule utilizing existing Pilz training modules. Customers choose only the courses they need. The Pilz team can also create a test for each course, allowing customers to fully assess employees’ knowledge level before and after a course. Customers get the training they need, delivered when they need it.

Build the course schedule

Pilz offers a comprehensive range of trainings in the field of machinery safety and automation. People who deal with machines and plants should, above all, be up to date with machinery safety. Benefit from the Pilz expertise and customize an individual training plan. Pilz will consult with customers and advise the best possible training program to fit your needs. Pilz Machinery safety training covers subjects such as the Machinery Directive and safety-related standards, based on practical examples. Pilz product training covers all relevant areas of automation technology, helping customers use Pilz products efficiently and economically. After the custom program is created, Pilz will work with customers to best deliver the courses to meet the specified timeframe.

To learn more about the Pilz Modular Training Program, please visit the training page on our website.

Modular Training from Pilz

Pilz is an innovative automation technology company operating internationally. Pilz uses its solutions to create safety for man, machine and the environment. In addition to the head office in Ostfildern, near Stuttgart, the family business is represented with over 2,200 staff in 40 subsidiaries and branches on all continents. Pilz US is headquartered in Canton, Michigan.

The company's products include sensor technology, electronic monitoring relays, safety relays, configurable and programmable control systems, automation solutions with motion control, systems for industrial communication as well as visualization solutions and operator terminals.

Pilz solutions can be used in all areas of mechanical engineering, including the packaging, robotics, food/beverage, fast moving consumer goods and plastics/rubber.

Pilz also provides a comprehensive range of services worldwide, including safety advice, engineering, product training and seminars on the subject of machinery safety.

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