TSI Incorporated announced it has expanded its line of SidePak™ Personal Aerosol Monitors with the introduction of the SidePak AM520i Personal Aerosol Monitor for explosive environments. The SidePak AM520i Monitor provides real-time monitoring of respirable dust exposure, and has intrinsically safe certifications for use in potentially explosive or volatile environments. The SidePak AM520i is the industry's smallest and lightest personal exposure monitor on the global market with a certified intrinsically safe design. Measuring PM10, PM4 (respirable), PM2.5, PM1 and 0.8µm for diesel particulate matter (DPM) exposures, the product combines TSI's proven direct reading measurement technology, portability, data-logging, and long-running batteries with global certifications for use in environments requiring intrinsically safe instrumentation.

"We're extremely excited about the SidePak AM520i Monitor," said TSI Business Director Troy Tillman. "With global certifications for use in environments requiring intrinsically safe instruments, it provides many industries with the benefit of collecting real-time, personal dust exposure data which can be used to identify and remedy sources of contaminants.  We're proud to provide our customers with another tool to aid them in protecting workers in potentially dangerous environments." 

For a full list of certifications and more information about the AM520i, visit www.tsi.com/am520i.

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