President Donald Trump’s proposed 2020 budgets for occupational safety and health agencies is a mixed bag, and include increases for certain OSHA activities while decreasing the agency’s overall funding by $254,000.

Key OSH-related items in the budget released earlier this month:

  • Enforcement funding for OSHA will increase by $4 million. So will the number of full-time employees at the agency, by 33.
  • Whistleblower protection will get an extra $1 million.
  • OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program will get a $3.5 million boost.
  • The Mine Safety and Health Administration’s budget will stay at its current level, about $253 million.
  • The U.S. Department of Labor’s budget will decrease by $305 million, with a 9.7% drop in discretionary funding.
  • The Office of Workers Compensation programs budget will also remain the same.
  • The Federal Employees Compensation Act would be revised to provide a single compensation rate for injured workers – 66.7 percent of their pay. Additionally, benefit levels would be reduced at Social Security retirement age. The administration says these changes would result in a cost savings of $730 million over the next decade.