NGE, an engineering firm with offices in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, has expanded their Health and Safety management services. Melissa Heike the Manager of Health & Safety Services at NGE has achieved her ISO 45001 Lead Auditor certification. ISO 45001 is an international occupational health and safety management system helping businesses to assess and improve safety of their workers.

“Effective safety management systems have been found to lower insurance and operational costs, make more efficient use of investments and increase employee morale,” Melissa Heike, said when asked about the significance of achieving this certification for NGE clients. “These are benefits that can be realized by any company, regardless of its size. Implementing a strong safety management system, like ISO 45001, produces measurables results that reduce operating costs and minimize safety risks.”

With an ISO 45001 Lead Auditor certification Melissa Heike has the ability to audit Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, manage audit teams, and ensure programs are properly implemented with the ability to maintain a system and not just focus on meeting compliance standards. The true value of ISO 45001 comes from linking the business strategy to the health and safety management system.

NGE is also certified in:

  • OH&S Management System (ISO 45001)
  • Management Systems Auditing (ISO 19011:2018)
  • Lead Management Systems Audit Teams (ISO 19011:2018)

About NGE: NGE is an award-winning engineering firm with offices in Pennsylvania and West Virginia founded by a sibling team with over 25+ years of experience. NGE offers a unique blend of services including geotechnical engineering, energy services, environmental compliance, health & safety services, drill cuttings management, remediation, and construction monitoring & inspection services.