After an anhydrous ammonia leak sent a Florida farm worker for medical treatment, OSHA investigators found multiple violations related to the hazardous material at his workplace.

The agency cited Duda Farm Fresh Foods Inc. – based in Belle Glade –for failing to:

  • develop procedures for notifying employees of emergencies and evacuation
  • develop a written emergency response plan
  • provide safety and health training to employees operating ammonia refrigeration systems
  • ensure that employees required to respond to ammonia releases were provided a full-face respirator fit test.

“This incident reveals the harm that can result when chemical facilities fail to comply with worker safety regulations,” said OSHA Fort Lauderdale Area Director Condell Eastmond. “Employers are required to conduct a process hazard analysis to review what could go wrong, and what safeguards must be used to prevent releases of hazardous chemicals.”

The company faces $95,472 in penalties.

OSHA conducted the inspection under its National Emphasis Program on Process Safety Management Covered Chemical Facilities.