Safety and health professionals in any field can learn from the modern crucible of safety and health hazards and practices: the oil and gas fields of the Dakotas, Montana, Texas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and other states.

Take the Bakken oil field in western North Dakota. With the boom has come virtually every safety and health hazard imaginable – toxic exposures; falls; fires; explosions; electrocutions; confined spaces; energized equipment; car and truck crashes; train derailments; hazardous material spill emergencies; weather extremes; noise and vibration; sprains, strains, and fractures from lifting pipes and fittings and swinging the ubiquitous sledgehammers on rigs; fatigue from 12- to 20-hour days, sometimes working straight through for weeks, even months; and drug and alcohol abuse.

OSHA has conducted a special enforcement program in the North Dakota oil fields due to the high number of serious injuries and fatalities. In this eBook we list the most common OSHA violations, and you’ll see they are not exclusive to the oil and gas industry.

Motor vehicle safety and electrical safety – in particular regarding arc flash explosions – are priorities in the oil and gas industry, just as they are across all industries. In our eBook you can learn what’s being done to reduce highway fatalities and arc flash burns.

Toxic exposures put many oil and gas workers at risk, especially from hydrogen sulfide. Unfortunately, as is too often the case in many industries, there are not enough industrial hygienists monitoring, collecting health hazard information, designing engineering controls, and training employees. But this eBook details exposure control plans being deployed that can be used by safety and health professionals everywhere.

Review the safety and health practices and technologies in the oil and gas industry we have compiled in this eBook, and I’m sure you’ll find applications in your own enterprises.

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