ZipStitch is surgical quality wound closure to help close minor lacerations quickly with no needles or puncturing of the skin.

ZipStitch is the most advanced wound closure device available without a prescription. It is designed to enable virtually anyone to professionally treat cuts that can’t be closed with bandages, on the spot, wherever they may be. Ideal for a first aid kit, ZipStitch can save time and money and provide peace-of-mind for workers who are out of range of a hospital.

The innovative design is both easy to use and effective. The device consists of two 1.5 inch strips of a unique hydrocolloid pressure-sensitive adhesive and four precision zip-ties made of a medical-grade polymer that connect the 2 adhesive strips. The zip-tie strips enable micro-adjustment to precisely close the wound.

This design has several benefits:

  • Wound closure without needles, skin puncturing and associated pain
  • Easy to handle and control
  • Ability to adjust and customize the tension across the length of the wound so users can precisely control how they close the wound.
  • ZipStitch acts as a scaffold or cage around the wound, isolating and protecting the wound from user movement that can pull on the wound and disrupt healing.

FDA-cleared ZipStitch is truly surgical-quality wound care. The technology has been used in operating rooms and ERs around the world since 2014. To date, Zip technology has been used as a non-invasive alternative to stitches to close wounds in over 500,000 procedures. It has been proven safe and effective in over a dozen clinical studies, delivering 8X better wound protection and less scarring than stitches or staples. In fact, most patients preferred Zip to stitches.

ZipStitch is a substantial upgrade versus butterfly or strip closures that are basically just strips of tape.

Be prepared and consider ZipStitch for workplace first aid kits. Available now at and on Amazon at