Pure Safety Group (PSG) entered the safety industry in 2017 through a rapid succession of acquisitions and integration of four fall protection manufacturers.  In just 12 months, it built a family of brands that includes Guardian, Checkmate, Stronghold, Web Devices and Norguard, a vast portfolio of more than 5,000 products, 160 patents, and a new corporate headquarters and training center in Houston. It also jump-started an aggressive innovation plan that resulted in the launch of 10 new products in the first half of 2019. 

Now, as the world’s largest private company dedicated exclusively to height safety, PSG is simplifying the breadth of its offerings for customers by unveiling the next step in its brand strategy. This structure is aligned with end users’ unique needs, environments and industry segments. This strategy also allows the company to focus innovation and accommodate future growth within a strategic hierarchy of brands that are aligned to each other under the corporate entity of Pure Safety Group.

The brand structure includes two primary brands, Guardian and Checkmate, that target two specific categories: professional and high performance. Professional products are those selected by customers to meet compliance requirements while realizing great quality and value, carry the Guardian Fall Protection brand. High performance products represent the premium category chosen by customers wanting to enhance safety, feature the Checkmate brand.

Web Devices and Norguard, which is PSG’s brand in Canada, now align within the Guardian brand.  Stronghold, the brand distinguishing PSG’s dropped objects prevention tools, are used across both the professional and performance categories as it has a product offering for customers with either safety enhancement or compliance objectives. Ty-Flot, a Pure Safety Group company, provides foreign material exclusion (FME) and dropped objects safety, inspection and retrieval services.

In addition to intuitive product lines, PSG also offers exceptional services. Engineered Services will continue to provide custom solutions to customers and projects utilizing products from across all brands under the Pure Safety Group name. This allows the team to assess each project and environment, determine the needs and solutions best suited for the objectives without hinderance of any one brand or product line.

We have been growing the training business in North America with the addition of the Pasadena training facility and our training team. Checkmate also has an established training business, HART (Height and Rescue Training), based in the UK that has been flourishing and is accredited to a range of industry awarding bodies including GWO. We will begin transitioning our North American training program to the HART Brand and website to assist us with more robust training, accreditation and exposure.

Guardian, Checkmate, and Stronghold will be the primary representation of PSG product lines in promotion, packaging, and segment/industry placement, while PSG will remain the corporate transactional entity and endorsement of the brands.  Pure Safety Group will continue to unite employees, customers and partners and represent a culture focused on safety, quality, integrity, collaboration, relationships and innovation.

With the new brand alignment strategy, the Guardian brand logo has been enhanced to visually connect with Checkmate and Stronghold, for increased continuity within the brand family. The Pure Safety Group mark was given a brand refresh in 2018, emphasizing PSG, the acronym by which it is often referred, and will be visually simplified moving forward as it assumes a corporate identity position to the more customer-facing product brands.

“In order to serve our customers’ every height safety need, regardless of their industry, we must proactively manage and grow an increasingly complex business,” said Oliver Auston, Chief Innovation Officer. “Our new brand strategy provides a broader, organized framework in which we will continue to innovate and develop more products.”

About Pure Safety Group

Pure Safety Group (PSG) is the largest dedicated fall protection company in the world, providing high-performance and professional height safety equipment, tool tethering products, textile lifting and lashing products and services such as training, engineering and onsite consultation.  Its more than 350 employees serve customers in the construction, oil and gas, energy, utilities, telecom, mining and transportation industries. PSG was formed by a team of industry veterans with a family of companies and brands including industry-leading height safety companies Guardian Fall Protection, Checkmate and Stronghold by PSG. Houston, Texas, is home to PSG global headquarters and training center with a second training center located in the U.K.  For more information, visit www.puresafetygroup.com.