During the National Hearing Conservation Association (NHCA) awards luncheon on February 22, 2020 at the NHCA Annual Conference in Destin, FL, Elliott H. Berger, M.S., FAIHA, INCE, will be recognized for his outstanding leadership and service to the organization with the Michael Beall Threadgill Award. 

This is the second time the association has bestowed this prestigious award upon Elliott H. Berger, who currently serves as the NHCA Historian and a member of the NHCA Executive Council. The award was first conferred on Mr. Berger in 1996. Because his contributions have been so great and numerous throughout the decades, he is once again being honored. Mr. Berger has also received NHCA’s Outstanding Hearing Conservationist Award, the Lifetime Achievement Award, and three Outstanding Lecture Awards. 

Elliott Berger’s many notable contributions include: membership and support of the association since 1982; serving as conference program chair three times which resulted in highly successful conferences as well as conceiving and implementing numerous innovations; contributions to the science of hearing conservation as an Acoustical Engineer; serving as the Spectrum publication editor since 1994 and technical editor since 2014; as President and Council Member, and, one of his greatest roles, serving as the NHCA Historian since 1996 to track membership, conference attendance, special lectures, and a dozen other statistics, culminating in more than 150 pages of Archival Reports of NHCA activities.

The National Hearing Conservation Association is honored to recognize Elliott H. Berger with the 2020 Michael Beall Threadgill Award. We are truly grateful for his contributions throughout the years.

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About the Award

Initially designated the Outstanding Leadership and Service to NHCA award, it was renamed in 1990 in memory of the late Michael Beall Threadgill.  This award, first presented in 1986 and awarded on an occasional basis, was established to recognize outstanding leadership and service to NHCA over a sustained period of time. 

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About NHCA

NHCA was formed in June of 1976, and at that time designated as the Hearing Conservation Association. The organization changed its name to the National Hearing Conservation Association in 1981. The founders of NHCA were mainly audiologists and otolaryngologists who were concerned with the serious problem of noise-induced hearing impairment resulting from occupational exposure to noise. The Association was created to provide a forum where others of similar interests could share information and gain increased insights regarding occupational hearing conservation.

Members include: audiologists, engineers, industrial hygienists, safety professionals, physicians and nurses, among others. www.hearingconservation.org