Examinetics, a leading provider of onsite occupational health services, has updated its existing services and created new protocols to assist essential operation during the coronavirus crisis. 

To address concerns about transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus within mission critical facilities in industries such as healthcare, food processing, energy and essential manufacturing, Examinetics is providing screening and surveillance services with protocols tailored to specific facility requirements. Typical protocols use a risk factor questionnaire and include a temperature screening, similar to what is being done now in US airports and other locations.  

Screening is provided by trained Occupational Health Specialist technicians. These occupational health professionals normally visit U.S. companies to perform medical screening required by OSHA including respirator fit testing, pulmonary function tests, hearing tests, x-ray, electrocardiogram, blood tests and more. The OHS technicians will now be redeployed to essential services that are exempt from stay-at-home orders in order to screen all entrants to these facilities. 

Additionally, Examinetics will be prioritizing respirator fit testing in response to the increased use of respirators by healthcare personnel and others. Workplace respiratory protection services are a core competency of Examinetics and resources will be diverted to protect healthcare workers and other crucial personnel on the front lines of fighting COVID-19. 

Examinetics is immediately looking to add to their staff nationwide to increase their capacity for medical screening services. As employers are developing effective response plans that protect employee health, Examinetics will also scale up. 

“Since the first client request came in 10 days ago, we have seen a dramatic increase in requests for COVID-19 symptom screening,” said Paul Fenaroli, President and Chief Operating Officer. “We are working diligently to offer this service to help minimize the risk of exposure to the coronavirus at mission critical facilities in in the food, energy and healthcare sectors. Examinetics has been on the front lines of worker safety for decades and we are proud our Occupational Health Specialists have pivoted to join the effort to protect America’s workers and critical infrastructure.”