A Yarmouth, Maine man was killed at his job site November 13, 2020 in Wiscasset, Maine when an automatic garage door struck the scissor lift he was working from.

James Thompson, 58, died at the scene after falling 12 feet from the cage area of a scissor lift that tipped over, according to Wiscasset Police.

Thompson was employed with Theodore Logan & Son of Portland, and had been painting the interior of a garage at Atlantic Motorcar Center since Monday, November 9.

Police say Thompson was working from the scissor lift when the door started to open. Before workers could stop the door, it hit the cage area of the scissor lift causing it to tip over on its side.

Employees at Atlantic Motorcar Center ran to Thompson's aid and began life saving techniques until EMS arrived.

A member of the Lincoln County District Attorney's Office responded to the scene as well as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.