YellowBird, a nationwide on-demand marketplace that matches Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) professionals with businesses, is proud to announce a new policy that reinforces its core belief in equity and equality for all workers.  By providing Professional & General Liability Coverage for all YellowBird professionals at no charge the company will remove economic hurdles for independent Risk and EHS consultants.

While general liability insurance protects clients against physical injury to people or damage to property, professional liability insurance covers negligence related to professional services or advice. Many organizations require this insurance for any contractor or freelancer working on-site or virtually on their behalf.  By providing all professionals with insurance coverage, YellowBird’s gig economy platform gives equal opportunity for professionals who are offered jobs based expressly on their experience, background, certifications, and skills.

“Every week we hear from professionals in the industry who share stories about being overlooked for jobs and promotions, which keeps them from advancing in their careers and learning new skills,” said Michelle Tinsley, YellowBird COO and co-founder. “YellowBird supports equality and so do our clients, who rely on our cutting-edge online platform that uses over 100 data points to make sure businesses get the skills relevant to their industry. It’s about promoting fairness and presenting opportunity.”

YellowBird provides businesses nationwide with a deep roster of certified, experienced, vetted, and insured EHS professionals on-demand. Services include OSHA incident investigations, risk analysis, mock audits, industrial hygiene, environmental testing and compliance, among others. Recently, YellowBird also added assistance for small businesses, schools, and religious organizations to assess COVID-19 transmission risks and develop safety protocols before reopening.

“As YellowBird continues rapid growth, we want to support EHS professionals so they can focus on providing important regulatory guidance and lifesaving services to our clients,” said Michael Zalle, YellowBird CEO and co-founder. “We realized that less than 25% of our nationwide network of EHS professionals have their own professional liability insurance coverage, and we felt it was important to level the playing field for anyone who qualifies based on talent, skills, industry experience and training.” 

Businesses hiring EHS professionals through the online platform can rest confidently knowing that YellowBird completed its five-step vetting process, which includes background and accreditation checks. Comprehensive liability insurance adds peace of mind while helping them save time and money.

About YellowBird:

YellowBird is an online two-sided marketplace that quickly and easily connects Environmental, Health, and Safety Professionals with businesses on-demand. By providing a fast and efficient method for business leaders and skilled professionals willing to consult, YellowBird facilitates the right people, in the right location, with the right experience for the job. Safety has never been so simple! To see more go to or visit them on Facebook and LinkedIn