Magid is changing the way people work with cut and impact hazards. In 2019, the company introduced AeroDex®,  a groundbreaking innovation in lightweight cut-resistant PPE. The technology is 50% lighter than comparable material, but offers the same or higher cut protection. The dexterity AeroDex provides means that workers can perform jobs that require extreme tactile sensitivity without removing their gloves. It also improves compliance because the material is engineered to make your hands feel cooler than comparable cut-resistant gloves.

Now Magid is introducing two new AeroDex gloves that take comfortable protection to the next level for multiple applications—the D-ROC GPD782 and the T-REX TRX685.

We introduced AeroDex®, our revolutionary feather-light cut-resistant material in 2019” said Sarah Anderson, Director of Product Management at Magid. “Since that time, we’ve continued to expand the line to provide cut protection up to ANSI Level A7 in a variety of coatings as well as using it as a light, comfortable base for impact gloves.

The new D-ROC GPD782 glove features an AeroDex shell that delivers ANSI level A7 cut protection with a polyurethane coating for enhanced grip, and a reinforced Nitrile thumb saddle for improved  durability.  The GPD782 is also touch screen compatible to maintain user safety while operating electronic devices and its silicone-free coating helps prevent contamination on metal parts prior to painting and finishing. In addition to ANSI level A7 cut protection, this glove also delivers level 5 abrasion resistance and level 4 puncture resistance.

The T-REX® Flex Series® TRX685 is the first impact glove in the AeroDex line, delivering ANSI Level A6 cut protection plus level 2 impact protection, level 6 abrasion resistance, and level 3 puncture resistance in a light, comfortable glove. The glove’s feather-light 18-gauge AeroDex shell delivers unmatched dexterity with a NitriX palm coating for rock-solid grip in oily applications and enhanced abrasion resistance. Engineered for safety, the M-Force Defense System™ back-of-hand protection extends all the way to the fingertips and between thumb and index finger to deflect and absorb impacts. Additional features include a reinforced para-aramid thumb saddle for enhanced durability and an elasticized knit wrist cuff ensuring a secure fit.

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