Do you expect significant OSHA action on these standards in 1997?

  Yes No
Recordkeeping 51% 49%
Respiratory Protection 33% 67%
Safety and health program requirements 44% 56%
Ergonomics 50% 50%
Updated permissible exposure limits 40% 60%
Indoor air quality and/or workplace smoking 47% 53%

OSHA field inspections have dropped to record lows in the past 2 years. What are your expectations for OSHA enforcement activity in 1997?

Increase: 15%
Continue to decrease: 41%
Remain the same: 44%

In the absence of Joe Dear, will reinvention (more consultation, less antagonism) continue to be a major policy theme at OSHA?

Yes: 40%
No: 11%
Maybe: 49%

Does OSHA in 1997 have more or less influence on industry's attitudes and actions regarding job safety than it did in 1987?

More influence: 36%
Less influence: 38%
About the same: 26%

Circle any of the following statements you believe to be true:

The Republican Congress has basically neutered OSHA: 32%
OSHA compliance is not a "hot button" issue with safety and health pros: 15%
Industry no longer needs strong OSHA enforcement: 28%
It's impossible to change the enforcement culture at OSHA: 19%
OSHA's lower profile is hurting the level of workplace safety and health performance: 30%