The Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI) and OSHA have formalized an alliance to advance worker safety and health issues, with a focus on workers with limited English proficiency.

With the goal of a safer and more healthful workplace for workers in the building service contracting industry, the alliance will provide BSCAI members and others with information related to reducing injuries and illnesses associated with musculoskeletal disorders, as well as exposure to hazardous materials.

"BSCAI is proud to be leading the building service contracting industry with this innovative OSHA alliance," said Carol A. Dean, BSCAI Executive Director. "This Alliance will help to further our joint objective of improving communication with our workers regarding safety issues. We look forward to a collaborative relationship with OSHA in further enhancing our industry's best practices regarding workplace safety, and a constructive and ongoing dialogue with OSHA about many of the unique challenges that face building service contractors."

OSHA and BSCAI agreed to work together to identify available resources and stimulate the development of new training programs and materials related to ergonomics and workplace exposure to hazardous materials.

BSCAI is a trade association representing the building service contracting industry and consists of members from more than 2,000 companies. BSCAI's member companies provide cleaning, building maintenance, and other related services to building owners and managers.