• Workplace injuries were reduced by 28 percent in the logging industry and by 22 percent in shipyards ó two industries that OSHA has targeted for special attention.
  • Average exposure to silica, one of the most prevalent causes of workplace illness and a targeted health hazard, was reduced by 39 percent.
  • Another goal set by OSHA was to reduce injuries and illnesses by 20 percent in at least 25,000 workplaces where the agency initiated an intervention, such as an inspection, consultation visit, or partnership. OSHA achieved the goal in 50,000 of these workplaces.

    In fiscal year 1999 —

  • More than seven million visitors logged on to OSHA's Web site.
  • The number of partnerships between OSHA and industry and labor climbed to 66, covering more than 4,500 employers and 131,000 employees.
  • The Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) grew by 19 percent to reach almost 600 work sites.