Yoh Group announced that it has achieved 1,000 workdays without a lost-time incident on September 6, 2002.

With several thousand employees assigned to customer locations on a daily basis, Yoh is a multinational technology staffing company. Employees work on both long- and short-term assignments, primarily in the information technology, scientific, engineering, aviation and telecommunications environments.

Steven Young, Yoh's national safety director, said, "It is our goal to develop a safety culture where each employee takes ownership of safety at home, at work and on the road. A philosophy that prevention is better than cure means each employee's personal objective is to be aware of safety policies and procedures and continuously work to create a safe environment."

"Awareness training and careful management of incidents or near misses comprises a key part of our strategy," said Lawrence Suwak, president of Yoh Group.

In 2002, Yoh appointed a national director of safety and developed the "I Care" program to promote safety and injury prevention policies through training, education and awareness.