President Bush has proposed a total budget for OSHA in FY 2004 of $450 million - an increase of $13 million, or about three percent over the budget request for FY 2003.

"This funds OSHA's mission quite well," said agency chief John Henshaw. "The safety and health of the American worker is still a priority for this administration."

Enforcement remains a high priority, with an increase of $4.2 million for activities that will continue to target workplaces and industries with the highest rates of injuries, illnesses and fatalities. OSHA has scheduled 37,700 inspections of workplaces this year, and is planning on the same number in FY 2004.

More than $2.2 million in new funding is earmarked for outreach to Spanish and other non-English-speaking workers.

The agency also looks to fund a health hazard survey to investigate chemicals associated with respiratory disease in the workplace.