Safety, long a tradition at DuPont, has emerged as one of five strategic business units in a recently announced corporate reorganization.

DuPont Safety & Protection is one of five so-called "growth platforms," according to the company. The others: DuPont Electronic & Communication Technologies; DuPont Performance Materials; DuPont Coatings & Color Technologies; and DuPont Agriculture & Nutrition.

DuPont Safety & Protection had sales of about $3.6 billion in 2001, according to the company. This group of businesses is well-positioned, according to the company, to address growth opportunities brought about by homeland security issues such as hazardous materials emergency response, disaster planning, biological and chemical terrorism protection, crisis communications, and federal, state and local law enforcement security initiatives.

These market segments, many which will receive increased federal funding in coming years, could increase demand for DuPont's safety consulting and training materials, and protective fabrics such as Tyvek, Kevlar and Nomex.

DuPont's Safety & Protection business segment includes DuPont Safety Resources; DuPont Advanced Fiber Systems; DuPont Nonwovens; the DuPont Chemical Solutions Enterprise; and DuPont Surfaces. These businesses will be led by Group Vice President Ellen J. Kullman.