Road construction contractors at a focus group sponsored by the International Safety Equipment Association laughed when asked if laborers in their organizations regularly used personal protective equipment.

What’s the problem with PPE?

It’s not being used as much as it should on highway projects out of laziness, lax enforcement, and inconvenience, reported Strategic Marketing Associates, which conducted the two-hour discussion for ISEA. Eleven road construction supervisors took part in the meeting. Here’s what else they had to say:

  • Hard hats and high-visibility vests are used more than fall protection or hearing protection, especially on federal and state highway projects where inspectors are more likely to pop up.

  • Safety glasses are more likely to be used when stylish models are offered.

  • The best motivational messages to increase PPE use should focus on reducing injuries and deaths and bringing working moms and dads home at night.

ISEA has launched a campaign to increase safety awareness and the need for PPE on highway construction job sites. For more information, contact ISEA at (703) 525-1695.