Britain's Health & Safety Executive estimates that up to 40 percent of the country's annual job-related deaths (approximately 1,500) are the result of serious management failures. Now one member of parliament has renewed calls for a law to punish bosses whose reckless actions cost lives. He's placed a corporate killing bill before parliament, according to Personnel Today.

"It is a sad fact of life that bosses are getting away with murder and will continue to do so until they realistically face the prospect of jail," said Tony Woodley, general secretary of the Transport and General Union.

“Fines are falling while deaths are rising as the existing law fails both workers and their families,” he said.

In 1996, the Law Commission recommended that an offence of corporate killing should be enacted. In 1997, the Government pledged to improve safety by ensuring that companies and directors could more easily be held to account for negligent or reckless conduct.