Nearly two in three U.S. Internet users go online for health information, and many may not be applying a healthy enough dose of skepticism to the advice they find, a new study shows.

Keep this mind with employees who might be using the Internet for info on workplace health hazards. Especially if they come to your next training class loaded for bear with Internet ammo.

The Pew Internet & American Life Project found in a study that only a quarter of Americans who seek health information online always follow recommended procedures for checking its source and timeliness. Another quarter did so most of the time, while half did so only sometimes, hardly ever or never.

The Pew study found that 62 percent of Internet users, or 73 million Americans, have gone online for health information. About six million use it on a given day - more than those who visit health professionals.

Most Internet users who seek health information look for information about a particular illness or condition, the study found. Other frequent searches involve information about nutrition, weight control and prescription drugs.