As part of construction safety week, the City of New York is distributing safety information to day laborers to teach them about workplace safety.  The pamphlets, which come from both federal and local agencies, contain information on the hazards of construction work and tips on how to stay safe. They also inform the workers of their rights.

"They have a right to a safe workplace. And these cards and the other information OSHA is handing out will let them know about safety harnesses,” said Patricia Lancaster, commissioner of the city’s Department of Buildings. “They should be wearing safety harnesses if they're up high on a building."

"We want them not to fear to reach out and to know they must be trained, and we want them to be well-informed about their rights,” added City Director of Immigrant Affairs Guilermo Linares.

"Workers should know that they have a right to a safe and healthful work place. And if they're exposed to safety and health hazards, they should complain without fear of retribution,” said OSHA’s Rich Mendelson. “It's illegal to discriminate against workers for filing a complaint with any regulatory agency."

City officials say a language barrier between workers and supervisors was a factor in the accidents. In response, the information cards are in both Spanish and English.