In Texas, if there is a sex offender working where you work, you’ll soon be able to find out just by logging onto your computer.

The Texas Department of Public Safety will soon put work addresses of registered sex offenders online on its Web site, according to KEYE-TV.

"It's considered to be public information and part of the information about the registered sex offender that's available to the public," said DPS spokesperson Tela Mange.

Some, however, are worried that offenders will be harassed, according to the report.

The American Civil Liberties Union is concerned that sex offenders may have trouble finding places to work if work addresses are posted.

"Would you like to have a job where people are afraid of you and are invited to harass you? I don't think so," says Ruth Epstein with the ACLU. "They are normal people who have an unfortunate criminal history."

Information about sex offenders is part of the public record. And some in the public would like to have as much information as possible, according to KEYE-TV.

"If they're in a line of work where they could come in contact with kids, then, sure," says Austin resident Howard McPherson. "Yeah. We need to keep track of them."