Designed especially for hardcore gaming enthusiasts and amateurs alike, the Ansell U Challenge is a new interactive cut-protection selection game available to play for free at During the month of February, safety industry professionals who register and play the Ansell U Challenge online are eligible to win a free Nintendo® Wii* gaming system.

U Challenge advances players through an automotive plant scenario where the user must select a glove and then see how many pieces of metal the virtual worker can stamp without experiencing an injury. Players may select from a variety of gloves and have the option to use bare hands. Each glove option is accompanied by cut-protection levels and ratings indicating dexterity, abrasion and puncture resistance, and dry and oil grip.

"The U Challenge employs the hottest gaming technology to help players understand the importance of selecting the proper cut protection for every situation," said Keitha Kessler, marketing manager, Ergo Products. "Players will find the game challenging and interesting as they work through the scenario."

Ansell introduced the U Challenge during the National Safety Congress & Expo (NSC) in Chicago in October 2007, with hundreds trying their hand at achieving the top score and vying to win a Wii* gaming system.

"While we want players to enjoy the U Challenge, we also want them to realize the serious threat posed by cut hazards," Kessler said. "It's a great way to underscore how selecting the right gloves can contribute to worker productivity."

In addition to launching the U Challenge game at NSC, Ansell recently introduced three new innovative hand protection products, including Vantage® glove series with Ansell Cut Protection Technology, HyFlex® 11-920 gloves for optimal control in slippery situations, and HyFlex 11-624 gloves for exceptional comfort and ANSI Level 2 cut protection.

For more information about Ansell's line of protective gloves and apparel, visit or call Customer Service at 800.800.0444.

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