As part of this comprehensive global identity, Kimberly-Clark Professional has clearly defined its brand promise: to be an indispensable business partner, delivering leading-edge health, hygiene, and productivity solutions that provide tangible value every day, everywhere.

“Kimberly-Clark Professional is one of the world’s most respected business-to-business brands,” said Jan Spencer, global president, Kimberly-Clark Professional. “We are evolving from a series of local visual identities to a fresh, consistent worldwide approach with a unified brand strategy and graphic identity.”

The new global brand identity, to be phased in over a period of two years, incorporates a number of elements:
  • An inviting, contemporary look for the Kimberly-Clark Professional parent brand logo.
  • A strategically and visually defined portfolio of six powerful, global brands, including Kleenex, Scott, Kimcare, WypAll, KleenGuard, and Kimtech Brands.
  • A unifying approach, with clean, consistent designs, for all communications materials – from product packaging and sales collateral to presentations and business cards.
According to Spencer, the new brand identity will benefit the company’s distribution channel partners and end-using customers by establishing global consistency in the brand promise of Kimberly-Clark Professional, allowing the company’s wide breadth of products to be bundled and marketed more effectively, while facilitating the handling, stocking and storing of products. He noted that there will be no changes to code numbers, brand names, contents, product quality or prices.

“In today’s business-to-business economy, trusted brands are king,” adds Drew Barfoot, vice president of Kimberly-Clark Professional North America. “They create differentiation in the marketplace, help to build customer loyalty and communicate a known level of quality, thus increasing the likelihood of purchase.”