As part of its ongoing commitment to developing innovative welding products and personal protective equipment for today’s industrial workers, Kimberly-Clark Professional’s Jackson Safety brand has updated and streamlined its welding portfolio to better meet the evolving needs of metal manufacturing customers, according to a company press release.

A centerpiece of this effort is new labeling, designed to make product selection easier with an intuitive, alpha-numeric and performance-tier product identification system. Starting with the W10 series of passive welding helmets, the line extends to the W20 series of specialty welding helmets through to fixed-shade and variable auto-darkening welding helmets. At the top of the line is the W-60 series, a multi-functional auto-darkening helmet which operates on a digital platform to provide maximum performance.

“We’ve made it easier for customers to choose the products that are right for their individual needs, while still providing the value for which the Jackson Safety brand is known,” said Kristy Giebe, welding category manager for the Jackson Safety brand. “While continuing to embrace our deep heritage in the welding market, we are also committed to ongoing enhancements to the portfolio to maximize the value for today’s welders. As choice of auto-darkening filters has proliferated, we believe it’s more important than ever to provide choosers with an easy and intuitive way to select the products that best fit their needs.”