An open session on "Buildings for a sustainable future" was the topic at the 31st ISO General Assembly taking place on 14-16 October in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, according to a statement released by ISO.

Stated ISO: “The event addressed the expectations on international standardization in this area and highlighted a number of exemplary achievements around the world. It was also intended to foster new avenues for the development of ISO standards supporting the incorporation of new technologies and best practice for the construction and operation of the sustainable buildings of the future.”

According to ISO, with “sustainability becoming a global imperative, the trade in products and services more open and the design and construction of buildings more subject to international competition, International Standards must provide the means by which sustainable technologies and best practices can be disseminated and implemented efficiently and effectively on a global scale.

“International Standards, supporting energy efficiency, environmental performance, environmental impact of building products or greenhouse gas emission accounting and verification, provide a firm foundation for designers, architects, engineers, owners, facility managers and government authorities to develop and operate sustainable buildings.

ISO is discussing two specific areas: standards for energy efficient and environmental friendly buildings, and standards for security, safety and accessibility in buildings.