For the fourth consecutive year, Kathy A. Seabrook, CMIOSH (U.K.), CSP (U.S.) presented an annual “Global Safety and Health Briefing” at the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) Annual Professional Development Conference, held this year in San Antonio, Texas, U.S.

On June 30, Seabrook, head of Global Solutions, Inc., spoke before colleagues from the U.S. and abroad about current trends emerging in the global business community that may have an impact on the safety profession.

Specifically, Seabrook delved into business transparency and accountability, the influences of technology on safety and health, U.S. influences and the Obama administrations impact on OSHA, changes in the area of chemical and hazardous substance management, and the growing use of occupational safety and health management systems and methodologies.

The session was sponsored by the ASSE International Practice Specialty and was designed to provide attendees a strategic perspective on global issues and trends that are impacting workplace safety and health and their companies. This knowledge better positions safety and health professionals to think both strategically and globally and provide substantive and lasting contributions to their organizations.

“Many multinational companies are using a Sustainability approach to environmental health and safety risk management. This approach integrates workplace safety and health management into a company’s business culture, values and operational processes and systems. Proactively mitigating potential worker safety and health risks can have a significant impact on financial results, workers, brand, customers, products, processes, physical plant, the environment and the public,” says Seabrook.