Findings from five years of grassroots health care public engagement across the United States were shared today as CodeBlueNow!, a non-profit, non-partisan organization, released, “In Their Voices: Common Ground, Common Sense and Consensus on Reform.,” according to an organization press release. The report consists of the words of the American people as they have expressed their values, concerns, and wishes for a reformed health care system.

CodeBlueNow! is now asking others to add their own voices by contacting their Congressional delegation and by adding short video clips to the CodeBlueNow! video webpage

”The people’s voice has been largely marginal in past health care debates. This report, spare as it is, demonstrates how pragmatic and flexible Americans are in considering solutions,” said Thomas Aschenbrener, president of the Northwest Health Foundation, an early funder of CodeBlueNow!

“The simple truth is that most Americans want a problem solved and are generally not concerned with diametrically opposed camps such as single payer vs. marketplace. That is a doomed debate which will ultimately cause the American public to tune out the politics as usual,” said Kathleen O’Connor, founder and chair, CodeBlueNow!

The findings include a strong demand for accountability, equity, transparency, efficiency and affordability. Many expressed a sense of shame that our nation doesn’t care for its most vulnerable — children, seniors and the low income. They also believe a health care system should be more than medical and include health coaches and access to acupuncture, chiropractic and naturopathic medicine.

“People clearly would consider a range of ways to manage and finance a new health care system. They distrust partisan solutions and are horrified at paperwork, bureaucracy and incomprehensible regulations,” O’Connor said. “The findings show that the American public has solid, interesting, innovative and practical solutions. We now inviting others to add their comments on positive elements of reform that they would like to see and would support.”

A striking element of the report is the language — free of policy terminology. “This report shows that American people are not only ready for change, but know the change they want,” Aschenbrener observes. “They want a workable solution now.”